Nikhil Chowdhary

Nikhil Chowdhary is a senior IT Professional with specialization in Healthcare IT, and a cyber security practitioner.

He specializes in identifying, implementing, and resolving complex IT and security solutions within the Healthcare sector, and businesses in general.  In the world of healthcare, every second counts, it is the doctors that saves lives, but also the IT systems that support them, which cut every second down. He has a passion to ensure that all systems in any healthcare environment are up to the task, and to ensure efficiency across the organisation.

Through his experience with companies like CBC Group, TELUS, University of Ottawa Health Services, Costco Canada and DELL, he has come to find his passion in saving lives, through the work that he does. An advocate of secure systems, he takes meticulous care to ensure that each and every project has top tier security, which keeps data safely in the hands of the right person.