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COA Committees

  • Francophone Affairs Steering Committee
    The Francophone Affairs Steering Committee is charged with enhancing the quality of life of Ottawa's francophone seniors and promoting their involvement in the community.
    Chair: Nicole Robert

  • Health Issues Committee
    The mandate of the Health Issues Committee is to identify and study emerging and current issues in health care which are of concern to seniors, and to advise The Council on Aging of Ottawa on matters for advocacy on behalf of seniors as well as policies and programs to address these needs.
    Chair: Dr. Linda Garcia
    Submission to the Ontario Seniors' Secretariat on Retirement Home Regulations

  • Housing Committee
    The Housing Committee was formed in 2006 on the eve of the release of a report on the CMHC-sponsored study on seniors and secondary housing units, "Seniors' Housing for Seniors." Housing is a complex issue for seniors, and for many, brings major decision points to the forefront. Changes in income, health status and other life-changing issues are interwoven with the need for adequate housing. The Housing Committee monitors policy development and funding announcements at all levels of government and identifies key areas of concern with respect to seniors' housing.
    Chair: Trudy Sutton

  • Education and Events
    Education and Events is the committee that supports the many activities and events of the COA, including Lunch & Learn events, special education sessions, The Bulletin and the Annual Spring Luncheon. This committee also provides orientation and first contact for new volunteers.
    Chair: Evelyn Maloney

  • Development and Resources Committee
    Like many other non-profit agencies, the COA has increasingly found that a more structured approach to fundraising is not only necessary, but essential. In order to continue to advance the mission and objectives of the COA, the Development and Resources Committee was formed in 2010.
    Chair: Dr. Marjorie Hinds

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