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Summer 2013: BULLETIN- Health Care - Let's Talk About it (PDFPDF-9.94 MB)

Today there are deep seated issues facing Canada’s health care system: the population is aging, the institutional structure of the system is considered by many to be inefficient, and cost increases for health care services far outstrip inflation. Articles in this edition focus on: the need for private clinics as a way of improving access and services, the need for better funding and organization of the public health care system, a proposed a blending of private and public systems, etc.

To view the English edition, click HERE

Please note that some articles are different in the English and French publications. To view the French edition, click HERE.


May 2013: BULLETIN- Towards an Age-Friendly Ottawa: A Community Framework (PDFPDF-2.1 MB)

  • Introduction
  • Developing A Multi-level Age-Friendly Process
  • The Age-Friendly Ottawa Community Framework
  • Consultation Results, Objectives and Strategies for Action
  • Seniors Speak Out
  • Moving Forward

To view the English edition, click HERE

Please note that some articles are different in the English and French publications. To view the French edition, click HERE.


May 2013: Francophone Elder Abuse Resource Guide
(Presented in French)
  • Financial abuse scenario
  • Physical abuse scenario
  • Psychological abuse scenario
  • Francophone resources


February 2013: In and Out of Hospital Guide (PDFPDF-531 KB)

  • Your Hospital Information
  • Before you go to the hospital
  • When you are in the hospital
  • When you leave the hospital
  • Ottawa Area Community Resources to help you at home


April 2012: Vulnerability and Isolation (PDFPDF - 2.09 MB)

  • Champlain LHIN spearheading new seniors' programs
  • Leaving the family home for a residence
  • Isolation and vulnerability
  • Ask a Pharmacist
  • Financial Strategies for retired Canadians
  • Helping an isolated senior is one phone call away
  • Socialization: a healthy aging prescription
  • Choices: Public Transportation for Seniors
  • Aging gracefully in your home


COA Bulletin 2011 September

September 2011: Spirituality and Aging (PDF PDF - 10.5MB)

  • Spirituality, Aging and Health
  • Aging and Gratitude
  • The Spirituality of Ageing: Dance Your Final Years!
  • Traditional Grandmother- Roseann Martin-Ampoh
  • Harvesting Elders' Wisdom
  • The Developmental Task of Late Life
  • The Music of Your Life
  • Working with the Brain: Neuroarchitecture and Healing Places
  • Grief
  • Search for Meaning
  • Age Friendly Ottawa



COA Publication - July 2011: A New Paradigm to Solve the Alternative Level of Care Crisis: A Way Forward

July 2011: A New Paradigm to Solve the Alternative Level of Care Crisis: A Way Forward (PDF PDF - 702 KB)

  • Executive Summary
  • Understanding the Alternative Level of Care Issue
  • Purpose of the Forum
  • Forum Process
  • Key Findings and Analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Plan of Action and Next Steps

COA Bulletin Dec 2009

June 2010 : Diabetes (PDF PDF - 10.5MB)

  • Foreword - Dealing with Diabetes
  • Diabetes: A Life-altering Illness
  • Interview with Mary Roy
  • Diabetes Vintage
  • Know Your Carbohydrates
  • Diabetes and the Eye
  • Types of Diabetes
  • Insulin: Things You Should Know
  • Five Ways Diabetic Older Adults Can Be More Physically Active
  • Travelling Well – with Insulin
  • Foot Care Information
  • Smart Technologies and Independent Living
  • CT Lamont Primary Health Care Research Centre
  • Elisabeth Bruyère Research Institute
  • Champlain LHIN diabetes strategy



Fall 2010 Bulletin

Dec. 2009 : Retirement & Incomes (PDF PDF - 4MB)

  • The Good and Bad of Senior Retirement Benefits
  • Income Security for Seniors
  • Pension Income Splitting
  • Ontario Senior Homeowner's Property Tax Grant
  • Many Canadians Headed for Grim Reality
  • Nortel Pensioners Shaken by Bankruptcy
  • CPP Investment Losses
  • Canada Facing Crisis in Private Pension Sector
  • Good Balance: Responses to the Report of the Expert Commission on Pensions
  • Propsed Changes to Canada Pension Plan
  • Popular Income Security Links
  • Financial Abuse of Elders takes a Growing Toll
  • Protect Yourself from Financial Abuse
  • Canadian Government Plans New Rules for Private Pension Plans
  • Popular Income Security Links
  • From the Executive Director
  • Cetificates of Appreciation


LTC Guide 2008

Oct. 2008: Long Term Care Insurance:What is it and why do I need it? (PDF PDF - 520.03KB)

  • Chapter 1 - Long Term Care
  • Chapter 2 - Long Term Care Insurance
  • Chapter 3 - Types of Policies
  • Chapter 4 - Additional Features to Look For
  • Chapter 5 - Long Term Care Policy Checklist


Successful Aging Ottawa

Successful Aging Ottawa: 2004 Seniors Survey Report of Results (PDF PDF - 881KB)

  • Highlights
  • Introduction
  • Results of the Survey
  • Results of the Focus Groups
  • Conclusions
  • Appendix A: Background on Successful Aging Ottawa
  • Appendix B: Methodology


2004: Guide for Selecting a Retirement Residence

  • Helping seniors and their families in making decisions regarding the choice of a Retirement Residence.


2004: Guide for Selecting a Long Term Care Facility
  • Helping seniors and their families in choosing an appropriate long term care facility

COA Strategic Plan 2012-2013


Get Your Fact Book on Aging!

The Fact Book on Aging offers 100 pages of text, tables and charts on seniors in Ottawa. Find out more or order the Fact Book on Aging.

Fact Book - Ottawa Seniors

Canada's Aging Population

Special Senate Committee on Aging Final Report, June 2009


Annual Reports

38th Annual Report - 2013 (1.86MB)

37th Annual Report - 2012 (1.85MB)

36th Annual Report - 2011 (1.52MB)
35th Annual Report - 2010 (2.4MB)