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Who We Are

A Credible Voice for Seniors

The Council on Aging of Ottawa is a bilingual, volunteer-based charitable organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of seniors living in Ottawa.

Seniors' concerns and issues are identified and solutions are sought through forums, research projects and partnership networks.

The Council on Aging, through the work of its volunteer Board of Directors, committees and staff:

  • Consults with other organizations in the planning and coordination of seniors' services;
  • Advocates for seniors on policy and funding priorities at all levels of government;
  • Educates public understanding and awareness of seniors' issues;
  • Invites the community at large to support its work through memberships, volunteering and financial donations.

2013 marks the 38th year of our founding and we continue to be inspired by the dedication of our members, policy makers and advocates working on behalf of seniors in the Ottawa region.

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35 Years Serving the Community

COA serving the community

In 2010, the Council on Aging of Ottawa celebrated thirty five years of work dedicated to improving the well-being of seniors in Ottawa.

A COA publication relates the numerous accomplishments of the most recent ten years:

Part 1. Celebrating the Past
Part 2. Years from 2001– 2010
Part 3. Shaping the Future