The Ottawa Seniors Transportation Committee (OSTC) works to:

  • Improve the transportation options for older adults and persons with disabilities in urban, suburban and rural Ottawa
  • Offer education about the transportation challenges and options for older adults and persons with disabilities


  • Addressing gaps in Rural Transportation
  • Advocating for changes in OC/Para Transpo services that support seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Advocating for changes in hospital parking that increase accessibility & affordability
  • Supporting the Gotta Go Campaign to ensure access to washrooms in public spaces
  • Reaching seniors with information about options

Key Accomplishments

Transportation Brochures and Pamphlets

An Age-Friendly Walkability Report
Transportation Choices for Seniors in Rural Ottawa
Older Drivers Brochure with logos (English) -- 2015-1


    • Community Transportation Information Events – plans, promotes, organizes and participates in events to raise awareness of seniors’ transportation choices & challenges
    • Older Drivers – provides information about safe driving for seniors through brochures, information sessions and education
    • Pedestrian Safety – audits in areas within the city and advocates for changes to make walking safer for seniors and people with disabilities or mobility issues
    • Rural Transportation – identifies innovative approaches to respond to rural seniors’ transportation needs