Claire Caron

Claire introduced routines and work plans covering all volunteer duties both for the individual members on the committee and for their duties at COA events. The latter included Lunch & Learns, fund raising and educational events, the Spring Luncheon & silent auction and the AGM. Claire also established a protocol for new volunteers, which included an interview and orientation, and developed special roles that a volunteer might take on, such as helping with translations, or choosing to work on the preparation for events or other duties.

This past year found the role of the volunteers so expanded that Claire established a separate Volunteer Circle and became its first Chair. Claire served on the Spirituality Conference Committee and the Resources & Development Committee. She also volunteered numerous hours in the office assisting with various administrative responsibilities.

Claire spent many more hours on the job than any previous Chair. She spent days on the job rather than hours, and at times it appeared to many of us that she was at the COA nearly every working day. Claire went “above and beyond the call of duty”, but never complained. Her cheerful energy, effective leadership, and attention to detail inspired us all, while her friendly personality made working as a volunteer at the COA both worthwhile and a lot of fun. She is most professional yet warm in working with everyone – presenters, sponsors, volunteers, board members and office staff. She has a wonderful sense of humour and is not rattled when challenges arise. She calmly makes the decision required and follows through.

The Council on Aging of Ottawa has benefitted greatly over the past few years from Claire’s support and her generous donation of her time, her talents and her resources. We wish you the best in your future endeavours. Thank you so much Claire!