Invitation to Businesses

We invite you to become one of the first businesses in your community to be recognized as being age-friendly.

By actively engaging in age-friendly business practices and helping us build an
age-friendly business community:

  • You will better serve all your customers, not just seniors;
  • Word of mouth recognition will make other potential customers aware of your business;
  • Other businesses will become aware of these best practices. Your efforts will encourage other businesses to adopt age-friendly practices.

What does it mean to be an Age-Friendly Business?

It means you value your older customers and are responsive to their diverse
and evolving needs. You make that extra little effort to ensure you have:

  • wider aisles and easily-opened doors
  • clear and readable signage
  • places to sit and refresh
  • patient, helpful staff

Why do we recognize businesses that are Age-Friendly?

Seniors are a large and growing customer base in Ottawa. Businesses must adapt their services and environments to help seniors age actively and independently. Age-Friendly Ottawa is starting a Building an Age-Friendly Business campaign to recognize the businesses that are making an extra effort for their senior customers. We are inviting seniors to identify local businesses that deserve this recognition by filling out the attached checklist. Read it through.

If you feel you meet many of the criteria for an age-friendly business:

  • Invite one of your older customers to fill out the “Checklist and return it
    to us, or
  • You can contact Age-Friendly Ottawa directly at 613-789-3577 ext 103 or and tell us about your business.

How we Recognize Age-Friendly Businesses

1. We follow up with you, if you are nominated.
2. You receive a personalized Age-Friendly Business certificate and a window decal for public display.
3. Your business will be featured on the Council on Aging of Ottawa’s website.

To Find Out More and Get Involved

The Building an Age-Friendly Business Community information package consists of:

1. This Invitation to Business and a similar Invitation to Seniors;

2. The Growing Your Age-Friendly Business Guide for business owners

3. The Age-Friendly Business Checklist

Tell other businesses about this project!

Your Participation is Important

By actively engaging in age-friendly business practices and helping us build an age-friendly business community:

You will better serve all your customers, not just seniors.

Word of mouth recognition will make other potential customers aware of your business.

Other businesses will become aware of these best practices.

Your efforts  will encourage other businesses to adopt age-friendly practices.