Invitation to Seniors

Can you name an Ottawa business that makes an extra effort to better serve its older customers?

What is an Age-Friendly Business?

An Age-Friendly business values their older consumers and is responsive to their diverse and evolving needs. It includes features such as:

  • wider aisles and easily-opened doors
  • clear and readable signage
  • places to sit and refresh
  • patient, helpful staff

Why should we recognize businesses that are Age-Friendly?

Seniors are a large and growing customer base in Ottawa. Businesses must adapt their services and
environments to help seniors age actively and independently. Through your participation, Age-Friendly Ottawa will recognize the businesses that are making an extra effort for their senior customers. Other businesses will become aware of these best practices. Your efforts will encourage other businesses to adopt Age-Friendly practices and entice them to make further improvements to their environment.

Share this project with others. Encourage your friends and families to use businesses that are age-friendly!

How can I get involved?

1. Go to your local business and use the “Age-Friendly
Business Checklist
” as an assessment tool. What makes the business special- its clean and safe environment? Its customer service? Its accessibility?

2. Use the comments section to highlight exemplary Age-Friendly Features or make recommendations.
Remember your opinion is the most important!
If you would recommend a business for its Age-friendly practices, we want to know!

3. Return the Checklist: Simply tape it closed, stamp it and mail it to us OR download the
Checklist online at and email it to us at

How will these businesses be recognized?

1) We will follow up with the nominated business.

2) They will receive a certificate and window decal for public display.

3) The business will be featured on the Council on Aging of Ottawa’s website.

If you know of a business that would benefit from learning more about Age-Friendly Business practices, let us know!

We will provide the business with information, tips and
resources to encourage them to become more Age-Friendly!

Age Friendly Ottawa (AFO) and the City of Ottawa are working with seniors and several community partners to define issues, and plan and implement specific initiatives to improve Ottawa’s physical, social and service environments according to World Health Organization guidelines for creating Age-Friendly Cities and Communities. One of the AFO initiatives is the Building an Age-Friendly Business Community project which encourages businesses to improve their services to seniors and for seniors to identify businesses that deserve recognition for their age-friendliness