Building an Age-Friendly Community

Civic Participation and Volunteering

Many seniors report that there is a lack of information about available volunteering opportunities in the community.   Cost and transportation difficulties prevent many seniors from volunteering.  Some seniors are discouraged from volunteering because they do not feel recognized and valued as a volunteer and citizen.

Our Vision

An Age-Friendly Ottawa means that seniors are involved in and actively contribute to their community. Seniors participate in community decisions by embracing civic participation and volunteering opportunities and they are recognized and valued for their contributions.

Our Approach

Our approach is to invite seniors to join the COA board of directors and assume leadership positions as chairpersons of the various issues committees that drive the agenda and work of the Council. Other seniors are invited to serve as members of these various committees and provide crucial support for AFO programs and activities. We also consult seniors at the planning stages of projects designed to serve them.

Our Successes

In 2014 the Council on Aging successfully recruited a new Chairperson for the AFO Steering Committee; this committee was reconstituted in mid-2014 to oversee the implementation phase of the Age-Friendly Ottawa initiative.

What’s New

In June 2015 the COA recruited a number of new members to its Board of Directors, including Dr. Louise Plouffe as the new Chair of the AFO Steering Committee.