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concerns and issues relating to the financial well-being of Ottawa seniors


information and develop views and advice to address these concerns


and exchange such information and advice with other organizations concerned with related policy analysis and advocacy, as well as with other interested partner organizations and individuals


and support governments to adopt and implement policies, programs and administrative practices that improve the income security of current and future Canadian seniors



support efforts of the federal government to enhance the data, analytical tools and analyses needed to meet the declared objective of government decision-making based on evidence, particularly where it applies to policies and programs affecting Canadian older adults

Statistics Canada's data systems,

Canada Pension Plan reforms, Tax provisions affecting older adults, Revenue Canada’s information and related services (for older adults), and the Social Development department’s examination of system-wide reforms in cooperation with the provinces/territories, will all receive attention

Current Highlight

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Expert Panel Membership

The COA has convened

a small panel of income security experts, each of whom has long-standing expertise and experience in policy research and analyses, as well policy development within government, relating to income security programs and reforms

The Panel meets regularly

to explore current and prospective issues, develop supporting evidence and seek consensus on both materials and advice to put forward to government policy makers, and to share with the wider community

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about relevant news, information, and resources.

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