Board of Directors

COA Executive

Kimberly Peterson

Chair, Executive

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John E. Johnson

Past President
Chair, Nomination
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Nicole Robert

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Trèva Cousineau

Chair, Finance
Chair, Bilingualism

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Mary Hearn Hendela

Monique Gibbens

Director, Francophone Rep
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COA Directors

Akin Akinwumi

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Alex Cullen

Co- Chair, Transportation
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Chantale Cousineau-Mahoney

Miriam Fry

Chair, Housing
Co-Chair, Communications
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Adele Furrie

Chair, Social Inclusion
Chair, Research

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Nancy Garrard

Patricia Marsden-Dole

Chair, Spirituality Conference
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Richard McCoy

Chair, Events
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Linda Meek

Co-Chair, Resources and Development
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Russell Robinson

Chair, Income Security
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Alex Roussakis

Chair, Education
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Terri White Lobsinger

Members whose term has ended in 2017-2018 – Thank you for your service.

Tea Logan
Dr. Monique Lussier
Patrick McGarry
Dr. Louise Plouffe