Terri White Lobsinger

Dr. Terri White Lobsinger is a results oriented policy researcher and knowledge broker. She has 20 years of domestic and international work experience serving all levels of government and non-profit organizations. Nine of these years were spent internationally, in Kenya, Tanzania and Bangladesh.

Dr. Lobsinger’s primary area of specialization covers health policy and research. Other areas include privacy of individual information in relation to electronic health records, home care services, education and libraries, poverty alleviation, women and primary health care.

A variety of substantive, methodological and leadership skills feature among Dr. Lobsinger’s professional experience. Her substantive skills generally relate to the non-profit sector, namely non-profit administration, governance, strategic planning, project proposal development, financial reporting, and fund development. She also has significant experience related to project proposal writing targeted to the federal government, and project management by the federal government.

Qualitative research numbers among her methodological skills, while her broad-based leadership skills have been developed through her work, including her extensive Board and volunteer work.