Francophone Issues


  • The Francophone Steering Committee is mandated to improve the quality of life of Francophone seniors in Ottawa through recommendations to the COA and wise choice of activities.


  • Analyze the needs expressed through the survey conducted in March 2016 of Francophone senior members in Ottawa.
  • Prepare an action plan to respond as effectively as possible to the needs of Ottawa’s Francophone seniors, in cooperation with community organizations.
  • Work closely with the Age-Friendly Ottawa Community Action Plan.
  • Develop strategies to encourage Francophone seniors to participate more fully in COA activities.
  • Collaborate closely in the COA mission  and in the achievement of specific objectives to improve how the organization operates.
  • Strengthen networking with community partners.

Key Accomplishments

  • Organizing educational, informative and awareness-raising talks each year in the form of Lunch & Learn sessions, providing continuing education on various newsworthy topics of interest to seniors that have an impact on their day-to-day lives.
  • Holding information and exploration sessions on computer-related topics in the framework of CaféNet for Francophone seniors.
  • Producing television programs on the TV Rogers French-language community channel in order to inform the general public of topics affecting seniors.
  • Drafting and disseminating a guide to French-language resources on elder abuse (updated annually).
  • Holding the Annual Francophone Forum to bring together a large number of Francophone seniors, community organizations and resource persons in various fields in order to discuss a specific theme.


  • The Francophone Affairs Steering Committee plans and coordinates projects and activities for Francophone seniors in Ottawa
  • The Pilot Committee is responsible for the implementation of projects and activities
  • The Francophone Committee of Ottawa against Elder Abuse seeks to raise awareness, promote prevention and provide services in French in the area of elder abuse against seniors residing in Ottawa