Francophone Affairs


  • The mandate of the Francophone Affairs Committee, at the Council on Aging of Ottawa, is to be the spokesperson for Francophone seniors in Ottawa. The committee is actively working on the following five priorities:


  • Identify the needs of Francophone seniors in the community.
  • Recommend and support the development of strategies, programs and services in collaboration with COA committees and Francophone and Anglophone community organizations in order to meet the needs of Francophone seniors.
  • Foster networking with Francophone community organizations in Ottawa.
  • Foster networking, social participation and learning among Francophone seniors in Ottawa.
  • Distribute information to Francophone seniors on the programs and services available in the community.

Key Accomplishments

  • Organizing educational, informative and awareness-raising talks each year in the form of Lunch & Learn sessions, providing continuing education on various newsworthy topics of interest to seniors that have an impact on their day-to-day lives.
  • Holding information and exploration sessions on computer-related topics in the framework of CaféNet for Francophone seniors.
  • Producing television programs on the TV Rogers French-language community channel in order to inform the general public of topics affecting seniors.
  • Drafting and disseminating a guide to French-language resources on elder abuse (updated annually).
  • Holding the Annual Francophone Forum to bring together a large number of Francophone seniors, community organizations and resource persons in various fields in order to discuss a specific theme.


  • The Francophone Affairs Steering Committee plans and coordinates projects and activities for Francophone seniors in Ottawa
  • The Pilot Committee is responsible for the implementation of projects and activities
  • The Francophone Committee of Ottawa against Elder Abuse seeks to raise awareness, promote prevention and provide services in French in the area of elder abuse against seniors residing in Ottawa