To work with and for seniors, advising the COA on how to enhance seniors’ quality of life through sound public policy and program decisions that affect health, as defined by the World Health Organization.


  • Reach out to seniors and with seniors to engage others in activities that will enhance the health of seniors
  • Collaborate with other COA committees: including Education and Events, le Comite directeur des affaires francophones and Age-Friendly Ottawa to develop activities, programs and actions to advocate on behalf of seniors and with seniors on issues related to health
  • Work with community partners to educate seniors and their families about issues related to health and the health care system in the Champlain region
  • Identify, react to and prioritize issues of concern in health by consulting with seniors, organizations serving seniors and emerging research
  • Align the work of the committee with the COA strategic implementation plan

Key Accomplishments

  • Delivered a Take Charge of Your Health health literacy program, consisting of five sessions  in the fall of  2015 at five locations around Ottawa. Seniors shared experiences and insights on  a variety of health topics, including aging at home, talking with health care providers, being prepared for sudden health crises and staying healthy and socially connected.
  • Attained COA Board support for repeating the Take Charge of Your Health program in the fall of 2016.  The Health Literacy Working Group updated the TCYH manual for use in 2016 and explored new venues for the upcoming fall program.
  • Monitored access and wait times for home care.
  • Advocated on behalf of seniors who reside in Ottawa Community Housing units with bed bug problems.



Health Literacy Working Group