Support the mandate of the Council on Aging of Ottawa by working with and for seniors to improve their quality of life on issues related to health


  • Work with community partners to identify and address under-serviced or deficiencies in acute care, primary care and, in home and community care, as they pertain to the health of seniors in the community
  • Align the work of the committee with the COA strategic implementation plan
  • Reach out to and engage seniors in activities that will enhance their health
  • Advocate with and for seniors by pushing the seniors’ agenda and being the voice of seniors for improvements in the health system
  • Develop a work plan and strike sub-groups, when required, so as to be an effective advocate for seniors
  • Collaborate with other COA committees to develop activities, programs and actions related to seniors’ health
  • Work with community partners to educate seniors and their families about issues related to health and the health care system in the Champlain region
  • Identify, react to and prioritize issues of concern in health by consulting with seniors, organizations serving seniors and emerging research
  • Align the work of the committee with the COA strategic implementation plan

Key Accomplishments

  • Take Charge of Your Health – From 2014-2017 approximately 500 seniors were involved in all aspects of the development and delivery, or as participants of COA’s volunteer-led Take Charge of Your Health peer-learning program.  The program was held in 13 locations throughout the city. For a summary report of this initiative, click here.
  • Presented  Take Charge of Your Health Poster at the Regional Geriatric Program Poster session in October 2017. (View poster here)
  • Monitored access and wait times for home care.
  • Advocated on behalf of seniors who reside in Ottawa Community Housing units with bed bug problems.


Long-Term Care Working Group (2018-present)

Health Literacy Working Group (2014-2017)