COVID-19 Special Updates – Finding the Right Balance

May 1, 2020 | CV19, Impact Updates, INFO-FLASH News archive

What to do at home to find the right balance

Change is what has made us humans. Change is constant. Change is inevitable. But our current, rapid, and unpredictable change can leave us feeling overwhelmed and out of control.
We’re all different. We have different responses to change. We have different coping methods. We have different skill sets. And that’s a wonderful thing.
It also means that there is no one size fits all to regain our sense of control and find the right balance. Here are some ways to help you:

  • Stay informed. Start with the facts. Ottawa Public Health is a good place to start. Follow them on Facebook @AgingWellInOttawa 
  • Keep to your daily routine. It can help decrease anxiety and maintain healthy eating. According to the Harvard Health there is positive link between your food choices and your mood.  
  • Create some new routines for your day. Pay attention to your meal planning, grocery shopping and sleep routines.  
  • Take on simple tasks to maintain a sense of accomplishment. Clean out a drawer. Put away winter scarves. Sweep the deck. Decorate your window or apartment door to entertain the neighbours during their walks. 

Below are a range of links to try something new, explore new places and spaces, volunteer your time, laugh, and find support.  

Try Something New

Not sure what to do with your time? Are you a gardener? Want to try your hand at growing a pot of tomatoes or herbs? Have you thought of taken an art or cooking class? Want to try yoga from the privacy of your own living room? Need other options to reduce the boredom? Here are a few local and online options to try something new: 

Explore your city, world, and universe

If you can’t get out into the world, why not bring the world into your living room. With a little curiosity and creativity, the possibilities are almost endless. And most of them are free. 
Thank you to all the members who shared their ideas of what to do while at home self-isolating. Here are a few crowd sourced links to explore your city, your world, and your universe through virtual tours.  

Attend events and festivals virtually 

Some of the many benefits of living in the nation’s capital are world class events, festival, and arts and culture. Many are offing other ways to experience these attractions. Check them out below: 

Explore the World

  • Machu Picchu explore the view of the Peruvian Andes at 2,430 metres above sea level  
  • Pyramids of Giza see two of the largest pyramids ever built – the Great Pyramid (147 metres) and the Pyramid of Khafre (136 metres) – plus the Great Sphinx  
  • Eiffel Tower travel up to the viewing platform of the 324-metre tower 
  • Taj Mahal discover the final resting place of the beloved wife of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan 
  • Vatican City step into the Sistine Chapel and Raphael’s Rooms 
  • Road trip from home provides a collection of fun and wonderful websites that will show you different parts of the world, famous landmarks, beautiful works of art, historic marvels, science adventures and so much more!

Explore the universe

If earthly destinations are not your thing, try other worldly adventures: 

Volunteer your time

Focusing on others can be a reminder of what we CAN do, instead of what we can’t do. Many seniors volunteered before the pandemic lock down. Try reaching out to the organization you regular volunteer with, to see what they need. Also check out other volunteer opportunities you where you can still help while maintaining safe physical distancing: 

Laugh and find a new perspective

Find support: It’s ok to not be ok

This is a new experience for us all. We have access to different levels of support. And it is OK to not be OK (Ottawa Public Health). We may feel unsure. We may not know what to do. We may feel trapped, anxious, scared, and overwhelmed. It’s OK. As long as you find support. Here are a few other resources:    

What do you do to find your balance? Find a sense of control? Please share your ideas with us and we will add them to our Facebook page or our Special COVID-19 Update website

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