Senior Abuse, Let’s Talk – Perspectives and Solutions

Mar 30, 2017 | 8:30 am - 4:00 pm

 Bill Ryan  Professor of Social Work and Couple and Family Therapy McGill University We Treat Everybody the Same!  LGBT Seniors in Care: From Repression to Invisibility
 Brad Spooner and Stéphanie Cadieux Program Manager (NROCRC) – Elder Abuse Ontario Regional Consultant Elder Abuse Case Study Review: 3 cases – Discussion and Solutions
Alzheimer’s Society Speaker  ”A Caregiver’s Journey”
Guy Paul Larocque  Mass Marketing and Major Fraud Coordinator – RCMP “Scam Smart” Prevention for frauds and scams
Allison Hewlitt and  Mary-Anne Popescu Certified Elder Mediators (Ontario Association for Family Mediation) Elder Mediation for families in conflict
 Manon Desjardins Nighbor  RN/Certified Elder Mediator Elder Mediation within the context of the Champlain CCAC  Respite & Relief Program


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Stéphanie Cadieux (613)406-6025