SLD et COVID-19: Articles de recherche et médias

Juin 25, 2020 | CV19, les soins de longue durée, Qu'attendons-nous!

Rapports organisationnels / Articles de recherche

Fédération des aînées et aînés francophones du Canada (FAAFC). (29 mai 2020). Services résidentiels de soins pour les personnes aînées : La FAAFC compte sur un plus grand leadership de la part du gouvernement fédéral.

Marier, Patrik et Béland, Daniel. (May 12, 2020). Les soins de longue durée sous la loupe, Options Politiques.

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Armstrong, Pat. (April 1, 2020). Viruses and CareThe Bullet. [Article].

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Articles de médias (par date)

Lagacé, Martine et al. (April 18, 2020). Il faut mettre fin à l’âgisme, Texte collectif, Le Devoir.

Pérodeau, Guilhème. (21 mai 2020). Vieillir dans l’après-COVID-19, Le Devoir.

En anglais seulement

Picard, André. (May 26, 2020). If Doug Ford wants long-term care reform, he should be bold and decisive and just do itThe Globe and Mail.

Braedley, Susan. (May 26, 2020). Our long-term care system is failing because we’re ageist, The Ottawa Citizen.

Gibson, Victoria. (May 19, 2020). Ontario announces ‘independent commission’ into long-term careiPolitics.

Horwath, Andrea. (May 11, 2020). Ontarians won’t tolerate any more tinkering with long-term careMacleans.

Black, Dawn. (May 11, 2020). BC’s swift response to long-term care crisis sets the bar for other provincesThe Broadbent Blog, Broadbent Institute.

Harris. Kathleen. (May 10, 2020).  Pressure mounts on federal government to help fix, build long-term care homes as pandemic takes deadly tollCBC News.

Farooqui, Salmaan. (May 10, 2020). Ontario asks long-term care homes for plan to stem the spread of COVID-19The Penticton Herald.

Editorial Board. (May 9, 2020). Editorial: A long-term care review is badly needed. Let’s do it rightOttawa Citizen.

Mason, Gary. (May 8, 2020). The case for putting seniors’ care under the Canada Health ActThe Globe and Mail.

Gollom, Mark. (May 8, 2020).  Flood of COVID-19-related lawsuits expected to hit courtsCBC News.

Goldman, Brian. (May 8, 2020). PSW draws attention to ‘burnt out’ staff as COVID-19 compounds long-term care crisis, CBC Radio, White Coat, Black Art.

Chown Oved, Marco; Kennedy, Brendan; Wallace, Kenyon; Tubb, Ed; and Bailey, Andrew. (May 8, 2020). For-profit nursing homes have four times as many COVID-19 deaths as city-run homes, Star analysis findsToronto Star.

Katawazi, Miriam. (May 7, 2020). Ontario promises to review long-term care system once pandemic endsCTV News.

Ha, Tu Thanh. (May 7,2020). How Quebec’s long-term care homes became hotbeds for the COVID-19 pandemicThe Globe and Mail.

Adam, Mohammed. (May 7, 2020). COVID-19 and private care homes – ‘the logic of profit is not the same as the logic of care’Ottawa Citizen.

Flanagan, Ryan. (May 6, 2020). Where the tragedy really lies’: The crisis in Canada’s long-term care homesCTV News.

Jackson, Hannah. (May 5, 2020).  How Canada’s nursing homes can be fixed to avoid repeat of COVID-19 outbreakGlobal News.

Hasham, Alyshah and McLean, Jesse. (May 5, 2020). They said there was no playbook for dealing with COVID-19 outbreak at nursing homes. There were severalToronto Star.

Harris, Kathleen. (May 5, 2020). Demands grow for national, universal long-term care in response to pandemicCBC News.

Crawford, Blair. (May 5, 2020). Study paints grim picture of Canada’s care-home mortality ratesOttawa Sun.

Loriggio, Paola. (May 3, 2020). Lawsuits over COVID-19 handling in nursing homes raise questions about standard of careCTV News.

Knope, Julia. (May 3, 2020). COVID-19 death toll at Ontario long-term care homes nears 1,000, hospitalizations on the riseCBC News.

Adam, Mohammed. (May 1, 2020). Long-term care in Canada – what happens when the military goes home?. Ottawa Citizen.

CBC News. (May 1, 2020). Time to stop building massive long-term-care homes and rethink models, says seniors’ advocate.

Leslie, Keith. (April 30, 2020). The private sector cannot be trusted to care for 80,000 seniorsThe Hamilton Spectator.

McKie, David. (April 29, 2020). Long-term care homes were in crisis well before politicians woke up to the problemCanada’s National Observer.

Larrondo, Paula and Richmond, John. (April 29, 2020). On the Sunshine Coast, an Effort to Reinvent Senior

Howlett, Karen. (April 28, 2020). With an early focus on seniors’ residences, Kingston has so far avoided the brunt of COVID-19The Globe and Mail.

Davies, Don. (April 27, 2020). COVID-19 catastrophe in Canada’s long-term care system must spur lasting changeThe Hill Times.

Crawford, Blair. (April 27, 2020). ‘We want to hear’: Ontario’s Patient Ombudsman seeks COVID-19-related complaints about long-term careOttawa Citizen.

Arya, Amit. (April 26, 2020). COVID-19 rips bandage off the open wound that is our nursing home systemCBC News

Gorman, Michael. (April 25, 2020).  COVID-19 exposes flaws in long-term care system, says Halifax researcherCBC News.

CBC Radio. (April 24, 2020). Canada’s for-profit model of long-term care has failed the elderly, says leading expertThe Sunday Edition.

CBC Radio. (April 18, 2020). Canada’s long-term care system needs to change, human rights advocate says. [Audio and Transcript].

McIntosh, Emma. (April 17, 2020). Long-term care is now the front line of Ontario’s COVID-19 battleCanada’s National Observer.

McGrath, John Michael (April 17, 2020). Why home care may be the next front in the battle against COVID-19TVO.

Lancaster, John. (April 17, 2020). ‘My heart cries out’: Son of Wettlaufer victim says province failed to make long-term care safer, CBC News.

Ambrose, Rona. (April 13, 2020). Seniors’ care-home neglect is our national shameThe Globe and Mail.