Volunteer Opportunities 2020

With over 150 volunteers supported by 3 staff, volunteers are the very foundation of the Council on Aging! They are essential to sustain the COA’s leadership role through various initiatives, activities and events.
Volunteering at the COA offers opportunities to meet fellow peers, expand your network, make a contribution and both utilize and gain valuable skills and experience.
Volunteer opportunities are updated regularly to reflect our current needs.
We are currently looking for volunteers in the following areas:

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairs provide leadership and direction to their specific committee to achieve its work.  They work closely with, and are supported by, committee members, staff, the Board and others in the community.  They are knowledgeable regarding the issues that their committee represents.
We are currently seeking a Chair for the following committee:

Chair, Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Committee 

(posted July 2020)
Have you ever wished that city streets and sidewalks were safe and accessible for seniors and people with disabilities year round? 
As Chair of the Pedestrian Safety and Walkability  Committee, you would work with a COA staff member and an established team of dedicated volunteers to coordinate the Snow Moles Program and assessments (audits) of the walking conditions in Ottawa neighbourhoods.
For further information on this program contact snowmoles@coaottawa.ca.

Committee Members

Committee Members play an active and engaged role on their committee, contributing relevant knowledge, skills and expertise, and carrying out specific activities aimed at determining and furthering the priorities of their committee. 
Our need for committee members is currently being assessed.  New opportunities will be posted as they are available.

NOTE: Information will not be shared and will only be used to contact you about volunteering opportunities. We respect your privacy.


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