Questions to put to your local candidates

Jun 2, 2018 | 2018 Ontario Election, Impact Updates

Based on based on what seniors told the COA they wanted Ontario election candidates to respond to we posed the following questions to candidates:

  1. How will your party strengthen the quality and availability of long-term care for seniors who need it and when do you hope to achieve this?
  2. As the province builds new capacity, what can be done to ensure it is building the long-term care homes that will meet the social and medical needs not just for today, but for Ottawa’s more diverse and under-served long-term care residents such as LGBTQ and Indigenous populations?
  3. What can be done to ensure more beds for people who need specialized care; for example, residents with dementia or those who need daily dialysis?
  4. What is your party’s position on minimum hours of care? What will your party to do increase the number of hours of direct, hands on care by nurses and personal support workers (PSW) in long-term care?

What are the candidates in your riding telling you?

For more ideas check out the COA Election Priorities Guide.