Stand-Alone Workshops

The COA has developed four new stand-alone workshops as part of the Smart Aging Program. These new workshops can be taken independently from the Core Program.  You do not need to have completed the 8-week Core Program series in order to participate.   

Taking Charge of Your Emergency Preparedness

Participants will consider the history of natural disasters, the risks for seniors, and how to prepare themselves for potential disasters including winter storms, heat waves, floods, power outages, pandemics and more.

Connecting at a Distance

Participants will explore new ways of staying connected or becoming connected, consider their thoughts on spending time alone, and helping others be more connected during times when connecting in person is not possible.


Exploring Online Banking and Shopping

Participants will explore their current banking and shopping habits, learn how to safely bank and shop online, as well as when and how online banking and shopping can be helpful as an alternative to conventional methods.

Understanding the Ingredients for Healthy Eating

Participants will learn about changing dietary needs and eating habits as we age, reflect on their own eating habits, needs and challenges, discuss heathy eating, and explore opportunities to expand their options.

Senior woman relaxing on sofa with eyes closed

Exploring Mental Health

Participants will explore the most common mental and neurological disorders amongst older adults, including depression, anxiety and substance abuse, as well as risk factors, impact and ways to get help for oneself and others.

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