Workshop 4 – Preparing for a Health Crisis


In this session, you will:

  • discuss three common scenarios linked to health and aging
  • learn how advanced care planning can help prepare in case of a major health crisis
  • commit to taking action to increasing your own and others awareness of your wishes


Power of Attorney Toolkit
Download at no cost here:

Speak Up Ontario Advance Care Planning

Speak Up Workbook

Speak Up Advance Care Planning Quick Guide
(guides you to do your own Advance Care Planning step by step)

Death Cafes

Ontario Health - Home and Community Care Services

COA Resources

Take Charge of Your Health Participant Guides
The Council on Aging of Ottawa, 2016 (available upon request)

  • Choosing to Age at Home
  • Being Prepared for a Sudden Health Crisis
  • When Living at Home is No Longer Possible

In and Out of Hospital Guide
A Senior’s Guide for Your Stay In Hospital And Return Home
The Council on Aging of Ottawa, 2013
A helpful resource for seniors and their family caregivers. It outlines what to expect before, during and after a hospital stay, and where to turn for more information and resources to help at home. (available upon request)

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