Your $300 counts

Jun 26, 2020 | COA, CV19, Impact Updates

Starting the week of July 6, the federal government will be sending a one-time,  tax-free $300  COVID-19 supplement to support seniors whose daily lives have become more expensive under pandemic lock down measures.

If you or your friends are among the more fortunate seniors who will not need this supplement to help make ends meet, please consider donating your $300 to the COA to make a difference in the lives of other seniors.
Your financial support will help us continue to engage and inform seniors and provide them with important tools to help them to stay connected and navigate these difficult times. 

For more information about the COA, our work during COVID-19, and ongoing advocacy and support for Ottawa seniors, please visit

Questions? Contact Sarah Bercier, Executive Director at or give her a call at 613-789-3577 ext 102.

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