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Government of Canada: Role in LTC and Response to COVID-19 in LTC

Health Canada is engaged in research and policy analysis on long-term facilities-based care issues including:

  • population aging
  • models of facilities-based care
  • quality of care and quality of life
  • changing complex care needs of residents
  • access and affordability and
  • human resource issues.

May 12: Promised to help find long-term solutions to the tragedies unfolding in long-term care facilities

April 20: Deployed the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) to support civilian authorities, including LTC, in Quebec (April 20) and in Ontario (April 28)

April 13: With nearly half of all COVID deaths in Canada tracked to LTC homes, Dr. Theresa Tam said one of the lessons to be learned is improvements to infection prevention and control are needed in these facilities (April 13)

April: Worked with the provinces and territories to develop expert guidance on proper safety protocols for long-term care homes (April 8) and for home care settings (April 24) as well as a temporary salary top up for low-income essential workers caring for seniors (April 17)