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Statement of Concerns: We Need Change Now!

People touched by long-term care in Ottawa need everyone’s support, rather than criticism, during this unprecedented crisis. This pandemic has revealed many weaknesses in LTC. It has put the residents who live in LTC, their family members who love and support them, and the staff who work there at great risk.

While this Statement of Concerns is specific to the current situation in LTC homes, many of our concerns and proposed recommendations also extend to seniors living in the community and receiving home and community care services as well as to those living in retirement and group homes. These vulnerable seniors also need out attention and protection during this pandemic.

The time for action is now. The Ontario government needs to show leadership in making LTC changes a priority now. It needs to provide more funding, new standards, better communication, and ongoing accountability. The health system’s capacity for withstanding pandemics must also include the long-term care sector. Seniors in Ottawa expect and deserve this.  Residents and family members need access to information and support. They must feel they are a part of the solution. We need to value and protect these essential services and the frontline workers in LTC.  We need change now! 

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