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COVID-19 Seniors Survey Update

Many thanks to all of you, 2,221 seniors, who completed the COVID-19 Seniors Survey questionnaire in May and June! Here is a brief update of what we found as well as our plans to use the findings to improve supports and services throughout the pandemic.

Next Steps: in the coming weeks and months, we will  

  1. Report on results from a follow-up survey launched on August 22 with 1,492 seniors and older adults who agreed to be contacted during Phase 1.  So far, we have heard from 52% of them. 
  2. Release two fact sheets next month with more information on coping strategies and mental health. 
  3. Produce two more Fact Sheets in early 2021 that will include updates from respondents to the second survey.  
  4. Host an education session in January 2021 and present the full report and provide an opportunity for discussion on the findings.   

Watch for further information about the fact sheets and education sessions in upcoming issues of the INFO-FLASH Events and News.