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New Co-Chair, Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Sub-Committee – Min Ku

Min Ku

Min grew up in Ottawa and recently returned after many years of living abroad. She has previously worked in mental health outreach for a non-profit organization in Japan and volunteered for their English language TELL Lifeline. Min believes strongly in the many physical, mental, social (and financial!) benefits of walking, and is excited to work on Pedestrian Safety and Walkability to help people from “all walks of life”. She is a caregiver to her parents and remembers the frustrations of pushing a baby stroller in winter, so she is excited to join CoA and find solutions that benefit everyone. 

Please join us in a heartfelt welcome to Min.

Co-Chair, Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Sub-committee

Have you ever wished that city streets and sidewalks were safe and accessible for seniors and people with disabilities year-round?

As Co-Chair of this committee, you would work with the other chair, a COA staff member, and a team of dedicated volunteers to coordinate the Snow Moles Program and assessments (audits) of the walking conditions in Ottawa neighbourhoods. The purpose of this sub-committee is to raise awareness and promote improvements in walkability, pedestrian safety, and accessibility for all ages.

French and English language skills would be an asset. We also recognize the diversity of the population we serve and encourage applicants who reflect this diversity.  Click here to download the form and apply.  We look forward to talking with you.