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The Council on Aging of Ottawa Strategic Plan 2022-2024


As a bilingual and inclusive Council, we work to advance the wellbeing of Ottawa’s older adults


Advancing the wellbeing of Ottawa’s older adults


Respected, informed, and engaged older adults living in an age-friendly city


As a bilingual and inclusive Council, we:

  • Bring together representatives of older adult groups, community partners, government organizations,
  • the business community, and individuals whose diverse backgrounds, extensive experience and
  • expertise enable our Council to undertake quality strategic thinking on older adult issues.
  • Advocate for and with older adults, making clear recommendations and sharing the results of our
  • work with key community decision makers
  • Develop and deliver branded older adult educational programs in a variety of formats
  • Keep older adults informed about relevant issues, events, news, activities and resources in our community


Accountability the willingness to work together and accept responsibility for our actions with respect and honesty
Perseverance the performance our actions and efforts towards our goals, despite difficulties and challenges
Competence the conduct of our actions and attitudes in a manner that displays integrity, conscientiousness, and knowledge
Equity, Inclusion and Diversity the incorporation in our daily work of inclusive and age-friendly environments where all individuals and all communities benefit from fair and equal opportunities
Age Positiveness the view of aging as a healthy, normal part of life and the valuing of the contributions that older adults make to their families and


1 Shape Public Attitudes and Policies
1.1 Advocate for and with older adults to shape public attitudes and policies
1.2 Develop and implement a Government relations plan
1.3 Develop bilingual COA “spokespeople/ambassadors” with knowledge, ability and materials to market COA
1.4 Create a presence in all city wards
1.5 Support committees to ensure advocacy platforms are developed and communicated
1.6 Make clear recommendations and share the results of our work with key community decision makers

2 Facilitate Lifelong Learning through Information and Education on Issues Impacting Older Adults
2.1 Develop a broad education strategy to address community and individual needs
2.2 Explore a variety of learning opportunities that inform and engage the community on older adult issues
2.3 Continue the development of the Smart Aging core program and additional stand-alone workshops


3 Enhance Organizational Effectiveness
3.1 Update Board, Staff and Committee responsibilities and accountabilities for clarity
3.2 Complete the elimination of the Executive Committee
3.3 Establish consistent and effective committee support and two-way communication
3.4 Standardize strategies to integrate Francophone concerns and implement throughout the organization
3.5 Update all policy and resource manuals
3.6 Establish Volunteer Coordinator role

4 Ensure Financial Sustainability
4.1 Establish annual revenue goals and corresponding expenditure budgets
4.2 Establish sustainable fundraising strategy
4.3 Ensure awareness and usage where possible of government and other grant opportunities
4.4 Create a strategy for building relationships with grant foundations
4.5 Develop a multi-faceted donor strategy (short-term and legacy giving)

5 Increase Membership and Partnerships
5.1 Identify and implement strategies to increase the value of COA membership
5.2 Develop and implement plan to increase membership
5.3 Identify and implement strategies to increase the value of COA partnerships
5.4 Identify and approach groups for potential new partnerships and opportunities
5.5 Support and communicate the work of current partnership projects, e.g. The Andrew Fleck Children’s Services project

6 Increase Marketing and Communication Effectiveness
6.1 Recruit Chair of Marketing and Communication
6.2 Develop and implement Marketing and Communication plan
6.3 Revamp and update website, social media, newsletters, and other communications channels, ensuring compliance with AODA guideline