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Volunteer Opportunities – Smart Aging Zoom Tech Support

Do you have a solid knowledge of Zoom and are looking for an opportunity to put those valuable technical skills into practice?

Then look no further! We are always searching for people willing to provide tech support during our virtual workshops.

Details and Responsibilities

  • provide technical assistance in two-hour blocks, once or twice a week (maximum of 4 hours/week), over a 2-month period.
  • Main duties include monitoring the Chat feature and resolving participants’ audio/video issues. On the rare occasion, you might have to call participants to help them troubleshoot and you might also have to divert them to a breakout room to reduce distractions/interruptions to the entire class.
  • As a Tech Support person, you would also be asked to manage Breakout Room sessions. With a list of groupings in hand, you would be responsible for creating breakout rooms, assigning participants, and launching the breakouts when prompted by the Course Directors and Workshop Facilitators.

If you are interested in this opportunity, click here to apply.