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Age-Friendly Housing Survey

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The Council on Aging of Ottawa (COA) wants to hear from you!



Older adults are the fastest-growing age group in Ottawa. Many older adults live on fixed incomes and will need to consider changing health, accessibility, and housing needs as they age.

Your feedback will help us understand the housing needs of older adults aged 50+ living in Ottawa. It will also help shape policies, partnerships and advocacy actions being developed by the COA over the next year.

We ask that you complete our survey and forward it to anyone you know residing in the Ottawa area over the age of 50. Additionally, we ask that you complete the survey even if you attended the community conversation sessions. The survey will take about 10 minutes to complete.

We look forward to hearing from you!


The survey will be open from 
November 2023 to March 2024.

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Age-Friendly Housing Resources 

City of Ottawa.  

Mayor and City Councils. (find the name and email address of your Councillor)
Council Liaisons for Older Adults
Guide to services and programs for older adults
Help around the home
(2021). Homelessness Point-in-Time Count.  
(2019). Older Adult Plan

The Council on Aging of Ottawa.  

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(2023b). Accessible Housing and Universal Design
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(2022b). Fact sheet on NORC-SSPs (Naturally Occurring Retirement Communities – Supportive Services Program) 
(2021). Housing Option in Ottawa: A Guide for Older Adults in Ottawa. 
(2017). How Age Friendly is Ottawa? An Evaluation Framework to Measure the Age-Friendliness of Ottawa

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Stay Informed! 

The Council on Aging of Ottawa   

City of Ottawa 

Ottawa and Gatineau ACORN  

McMaster Optimal Aging Portal Housing,