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Resources on Ageism

(September 2022)

Together, we can work to reduce ageism and its negative effects .

  1. From the Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers Responsible for Seniors
  1. World Health Organization. Global Report on Ageism, 2020.
  2. Revera and the International Federation on Ageing. Revera Report on Ageism. 2012.
  3.  International Longevity Centre (ILC) Canada (2021). Report for International Thematic Report on Ageism and Age Discrimination by the United Nations Independent Expert on the Enjoyment of Human Rights of Older Persons.
  4. Business Council of Canada, 2022. Canadian workers in their 50s and 60s: overlooked and underutilized.
  5. FrameWorks Institute, 2019. Reframing Aging: A Quick Start Guide (one-page guide on communication and wording):
  6. Ontario Human Rights Commission. (Fact sheet) Ageism and age discrimination.
  7. Zimmerman, L., 2016. (Book) Did you just call me old lady? A 90-year-old tells why aging is positive. Black Point, NS: Fernwood Books
  8. AARP Disrupt Aging. (Stories and videos), 2020.
  9. Let’s End Ageism – Ashton Applewhite (TEdTalk)
  10. Ayalon, L., Tesch-Römer, C., 2018. Contemporary Perspectives of Ageism.Series: International Perspectives on Aging, vol. 19.
  11. Changing the Narrative, 2021. Guidelines for Age-Inclusive Communications.
  12. Deloitte, 2022. Making Canada the best place in the world to age by 2030: A Senior Centric Strategy.

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