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Snow Moles 2024

Age-Friendly Winter Walkability and Pedestrian Safety Audits for Seniors and Other Valuable Pedestrians

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SNOW MOLES are volunteers who report on what it is like to walk outside on a winter day.

You are invited to ensure healthy, accessible, and safe winter walking conditions in Ottawa, by becoming a SNOW MOLE and completing a Winter Walkability and Pedestrian Safety Questionnaire. Your answers will be part of a 2023 Winter Walking in Ottawa: Snow Mole Report shared with the City of Ottawa for a better understanding of the safety of winter walking in Ottawa.

You can be a snow mole:

  1. When you go out for an errand or a walk, please use the Snow Mole Questionnaire to note features and conditions that are “safe” (e.g., a bench cleared of snow) as well as “unsafe” (e.g., snow piled up in intersections).
  2. We encourage you to take and submit photos of both safe and unsafe features and conditions. If possible, include street signs in your photo to locate the feature and condition. 
  3. Post your photos on Facebook and tag them with #MountainsandMolehills #COAOttawa
  4. Complete the questionnaire online or drop it off/mail it to The Council on Aging of Ottawa (815-217 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7).

For more information, contact us at 
or 613-789-3577 ext. 3

Community Leaders

Alta Vista
Bonnie Schroeder

Margaret Dunn

City View / Ryan Farm
Wendy Davidson

Ardyth Elliott

Cheryl Parrott

Old Ottawa South
Anna Cuylits

Sally Scott

Beacon Hill
Carole Larose

Sandra Stec

Civic Hospital
Mary Haller

Fisher Heights
Jayne Belanger

Kinburn (West Carleton)
Mary Porritt

Ottawa West
Min Ku

Inoussa Saouna

Nadine Mauri

Crystal Bay
Kathy Riley

Mary Gick

Old Ottawa East
Dianne Breton

Mary Nash

Tips for Winter Walking

There is nothing like taking a walk to enjoy the beauty of the season – and walking is one of the best ways to keep healthy. On the other hand, winter can be a challenging time of year to get out and about. Here are some tips for safer walking outdoors in winter.

Snow Mole Report 2023

2023 Snow Mole Report: How Safe is Winter Walking in Ottawa?

The Snow Mole Campaign is an Age-Friendly winter project of the Pedestrian Safety & Walkability (PS&W) Sub-committee of the Ottawa Seniors Transportation Committee (OSTC) of the Council on Aging of Ottawa (COA).

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