Older Drivers

New Tip Sheet - 2021


Committee Secretary (various positions)

June 26, 2023

As a member of the Committee, the Secretary is responsible for the secretarial duties that support the overall effective governance of the Committee. This includes taking minutes, supporting agenda building, maintaining records, and editing committee documents (such as terms of reference, membership lists, workplans). Our Committees works with and for older adults to advance the […]

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Volunteer Opportunity: Older Drivers Sub-committee

October 4, 2022

Driving, although not the sole mean of transportation, gives seniors independence and flexibility. Despite some health changes as we grow older, safety for ourselves and others is a priority on the road. As a sub-committee, we stay ahead of new developments and topics such as technology, the highway traffic act, Ministry of Transportation initiatives, and […]

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Car Insurance for Older Drivers

February 24, 2022

Information from the Insurance Bureau of Canada   There is no increased premium for anyone who is of an older age. Insurance companies usually only pull reports on an insured every 5 years but may pull the reports for a person of a certain age every year instead, as older adults might be more prone to […]

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New Stunt Driving Laws

August 23, 2021

Effective July 1st 2021, the Ministry of Transportation will be implementing several amendments to the Highway Traffic Act with respect to stunt driving and street racing in Ontario. Specifically, drivers charged with stunt driving will now face a 14-day motor vehicle impoundment (currently seven days). Further, drivers found to be speeding in excess of 40 km/h or […]

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Older Drivers – The Future is Now

July 7, 2021

The Future is Now is a series of short articles that intend to help drivers understand the new technologies available in cars, how these functionalities are intended to work, and how to safely use them.

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Monthly Driving Tip – Slow Down, Move Over for Pedestrians

March 17, 2021

Stop behind the yield line Make eye contact to ensure pedestrian sees you Wait until pedestrian completely crosses road before proceeding Monthly driving tips are brought to you by the Older Driver Sub-committee.

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Be Winter Ready – for Drivers

February 16, 2021

A driving tip brought to you by the COA’s Older Driver Sub-committee Below are some tips from the toolkit and the Winter driving tips for Ontario drivers. Before you leave Check the weather forecast. If it looks bad, delay your trip if you can Visit Ontario511 to find out where plows are on provincial highways  Use Ontario […]

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Are You Truck Aware?

November 18, 2020

Are You Truck Aware? In the past few years, the road safety record of heavy trucks has improved in Ontario. Despite this fact, in 2017, one in five road fatalities were the result of a crash involving a large truck. 2017 data also reveals that 73% of the time large truck drivers were found to […]

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Louise Brunelle

June 16, 2020

2020 recipient of the Margaret Griffiths Award Soon after attending a Council on Aging seminar titled Shifting Gears, organized by the Ottawa Seniors Transportation Committee (OSTC) in 2014, Louise joined this active volunteer committee.   OSTC was divided into several sub-committees that represented different areas of interest to Ottawa seniors including; Rural Transportation, Public Transit, Hospital […]

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Monthly Driving Tip – Transit priority signal

February 9, 2020

Traffic and pedestrians must yield to public transit vehicles at a transit priority signal. The round signal is on top of a regular traffic signal and shows a white vertical bar on a dark background. This allows transit vehicles to go through, turn right or left, while all conflicting traffic faces a red light. Monthly […]

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