The goals of the Housing Committee are to promote affordable housing choices and to advocate for quality housing for seniors in the City of Ottawa.


  • Study and evaluate housing options for senior
  • Work with the housing report created in the summer of 2016
  • Provide input to the Federal Government’s National Housing Strategy on seniors housing.
  • Track and assess policies that will affect housing for seniors


Key Accomplishments

  • Developed of a Report on Seniors Housing in the summer of 2016
  • Informed and engaged the public in addressing housing issues by organizing a Housing Forum in 2008 with senior community members and developers to identify issues and obstacles.
  • Updated the “Directory of Housing and Residences for Seniors” first published in 2006



Committee Membership

  • This committee is restructuring after a two-year hiatus.  We are seeking members who have a significant interest in seniors housing issues.  To request to join this committee please email the Chair, Alex Cullen at a.cullen@coaottawa.ca