The goals of the Housing Committee are to promote affordable housing choices and to advocate for quality housing for seniors in the City of Ottawa.


  • Study and evaluate housing options for senior
  • Work with the housing report created in the summer of 2016
  • Provide input to the Federal Government’s National Housing Strategy on seniors housing.
  • Track and assess policies that will affect housing for seniors

Current Highlights


Age-Friendly Housing Committee – Response on the National Housing Strategy

We think that Canada needs a specific seniors’ housing strategy, which would include measures to:

  1. Increase the number of new seniors’ units to match seniors demographic place in Canadian society. This means targeting 17% of new units right now and moving to 25% by 2036.
  2. Fund new co-housing and co-op housing projects.
  3. Assure that seniors housing is a part of all new forms of housing development.
  4. Plan for housing to include services to provide care “closer to home” when seniors need support to remain independent in their own home and socially connected. More


The Seniors Housing Report is a  comprehensive bundle on affordable supportive seniors housing in Ottawa. It includes information on seniors housing and demographics, as well as key neighbourhoods with high concentrations of seniors. It profiles vulnerable seniors and outlines specific housing considerations important to them, as well as examples of successful alternative housing projects. The bundle will help inform the Housing Committee on potential future directions beneficial to Ottawa seniors.

Key Accomplishments

  • Published a response to the National Housing Strategy in February 2018
  • Developed of a Report on Seniors Housing in the summer of 2016
  • Informed and engaged the public in addressing housing issues by organizing a Housing Forum in 2008 with senior community members and developers to identify issues and obstacles.
  • Updated the “Directory of Housing and Residences for Seniors” first published in 2006


Committee Membership

We are seeking members who have a significant interest in seniors housing issues.  To request to join this committee please email the Chair, Miriam Fry at m.fry@coaottawa.ca