Building an Age-Friendly Community


Many seniors report that there is a lack of information on, and availability of, affordable and adapted housing options. Rural seniors, in particular, have fewer services in their communities to enable them to age at home.

Our Vision

An Age-Friendly Ottawa means that seniors have access to a range of well-designed, well-built housing options that are affordable and allow seniors to remain independent as their needs change.

Our Approach

Our approach is to work closely with the City of Ottawa and key community partners to explore options to increase affordable housing choices and to connect seniors to existing resources on housing.

Our Successes

In 2014 the Council on Aging, specifically, the Chair of the COA Housing Committee, supported the City of Ottawa in developing a one-day round table on affordable housing that was held in November.

What’s New

Maureen Sinden became Chair of the COA Housing Committee in September 2015.